Using Onward for Parent-Child Accountability

Onward was primarily designed to be used by individuals, but it can be used for parent-child (or spouse, etc) accountability sharing.

This will allow you to see detailed reports of your child's usage, which can help facilitate more appropriate screen time behaviors while maintaining their autonomy and building trust. Given the right approach, it may be possible to reduce screen time without using blocking, however this feature is available with Onward's Smart Filter. 

Just follow these steps:

  1. On your child's iPhone, install Onward
  2. Register for an account using their email address.
  3. Subscribe to your desired Onward program. NOTE: If you are planning to use Onward on your own devices / for multiple children, you will need to enroll each device with a unique Apple ID and email address. 
  4. Follow the step by step setup instruction in the Onward app
  5. Configure their Smart Filter (blocking) if desired
  6. Tap on the 3 line menu button in the upper left, and then tap on "Accountability"
  7. Follow the steps to add yourself as their accountability partner by inputting your email address and name. Make sure to include their name and email address when prompted.
  8. Each Monday, you will automatically receive an emailed report of the weeks' usage 
  9. Use that as an opportunity to discuss their screen time with your child, and ask to view detailed reports directly on their device if necessary. This will show you the number of times they snoozed the Smart Filter (blocking), specific websites they accessed and times of day. 

By empowering you and your children (or spouse) in an atmosphere of accountability and respect, we believe you have the best possible chance for success. 


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