Problems updating Onward

Due to an Apple bug in iOS 9 and 10, some users may have trouble updating Onward for iOS when a new version is available on the app store. For example, your installation process may get stuck on Onward, it may never finish updating, or you may receive an "unable to update" error for the app.

If this fails, your Onward reporting will stop working, and you may not be able to access the app at all. It is crucial that you re-enable Onward to avoid any issues with your program. 

To ensure your copy of Onward is updated to the current version, please follow these steps. We know this may be frustrating and we apologize for any inconvenience. When Apple fixes this bug, we will notify you promptly. 


1. Tap the Settings Icon on your iPhone


2. Tap on General

3. Then Tap on VPN

4. Locate the Onward line and click on the small (i) on the right side

5. Tap on "Connect on Demand" to toggle it off. After tapping it should switch to grey. 


6. Now go to the App Store icon and Update Onward (or Update All if you have a number of updates to complete).

7. Once completed, repeat steps 1-5 above but switch "Connect on Demand" to ON (Green)

You can now launch Onward and it should correctly track your usage and your program should continue where you left off.

Again, our apologies for any inconvenience and we will notify you when Apple has fixed the underlying bug. 


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