VPN privacy and security

Onward is committed helping you achieve tech-life balance while protecting your privacy and security. 

Core to the Onward experience is our reporting system which is based on VPN technology. When you install the Onward app on your device, it prompts you to activate the Onward VPN in order to enable this reporting. Once active, Onward can help you see when you overuse various content and how much total time you spend. This is a crucial part of the Onward Method - knowing how and when you use is the first step in your journey. 

In order to produce these reports, the Onward app installs a VPN that tracks your Internet requests from apps and browsers. It then calculates your total usage by category based on those requests (along with a healthy helping of complex math to normalize and deduplicate information). 

The results of this report can be quite sensitive, and the installation of a VPN can make some people uncomfortable, so we want to explain in clear terms how we protect your privacy.

Whenever your apps or browsers request something from the Internet, Onward records this request. Thereafter:

  1. Onward cannot understand or store the content of your surfing (e.g. images, text), just the domain address, time and duration of visits. 
  2. Onward compiles this information and deletes the detailed data every 30 days, leaving only your aggregate report information.
  3. Onward does not associate your usage with your real name.
  4. Onward does not store your credit card information nor associate it with your usage.
  5. We take industry standard measures to protect this information.

You can review our detailed privacy policy here

The greatest risk to your information privacy and security is unauthorized access to your devices, and we encourage you to take precautions to ensure your devices are kept secure. 

For more information about privacy and security, send us your concerns or questions to

If you're having problems connecting to the Internet once the VPN is installed, click here. 


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