Disable or change what is being blocked by the Smart Filter

If you are using the latest Onward - Reduce Screen Time and Block Social Media app, version 2.2.x, you can make changes to your Onward Smart Filter settings:

> Tap the gear icon in the upper left of the app
> Tap Smart Filter
> Tap your current categories under Blocked Websites and Apps or *None* if applicable and make your changes


If you are using version 1.0.x you can make changes by following these steps below:

If you scroll back up the chat dialogue with O the chat bot, find the Smart Filter tile (large blue tile), tap it and make your changes then tap Next. It may take you several swipes to get back to the Smart Filter tile since that was about your second day of using the app. You can select more websites and apps here or de-select those you no longer want blocked by the Smart Filter. You can also change your 30 minute un-block window here.

If you can't locate the Smart Filter tile in your chat feed, shoot us a note in the app by tapping Help, detailing exactly what sites you would like blocked or unblocked we'll try and make the changes on your behalf.


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