What sites and apps are blocked by the smart filter?

Below is a sample list of our core websites, apps or categories that can be blocked when you have enabled Smart Filter blocking. The blocking feature is only available on iOS devices at this time and Smart Filter is available in Onward Pro, not Onward Basic. You can now customize your access times down to the day and hour every day of the week with version 2.6.2. Remember, you can also snooze Smart Filter by tapping settings gear in the upper left of the app at any time and it will unblock for 15 minutes.

Category Displayed as
backpage utility
chat communication
communication communication
craigslist utility
entertainment entertainment
facebook all_social
fourchan all_social
imgur all_social
instagram all_social
linkedin all_social
news news
porn porn
reddit all_social
dating sex
shopping shopping
snapchat all_social
social all_social
tumblr all_social
twitter all_social
youtube entertainment


If you experience a website or app that is not blocked that you'd like to be blocked, just shoot as a note via Help in the app or and we'll see if we can add it. 


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