Facebook app not being blocked

Beginning the first week of October, Facebook began making technical changes to their iOS app which has caused some users to experience blocking issues using the Onward Smart Filter. While is completely blocked on your mobile browser, you may experience blocking issues with the Facebook iOS app.

Typically, in the recent past, the Facebook app would cache as much data as possible in the background when the Onward VPN would turn off but the Facebook app may be making connections in the background once an hour or so. So, when you would wake your phone and launch the app, it would appear the app is working and display a very populated news feed for you, with or without images. But it wouldn't allow you to Like or Comment or Post at all. Within the last week they have made further changes.

We hope to have this corrected very soon. Sorry for the trouble.

In the meantime, have you considered deleting the Facebook app entirely from your iPhone? As an option, you could save to your Home Screen and our Smart Filter will work for the mobile browser version of . 


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